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Your online presence matters so much more in today’s day and age because that is where people are looking for businesses. The more professional and modern your business appears to your online clients, the more you are going to attract. The two most crucial elements of this are your business branding and your business website. Here we will speak about what these are, how they help, and what benefits you will get out of them. Our team at Underdog Leads look after it all for you after we get a good understanding of what your business is about.

Logo Design

If you want to be instantly recognizable, you need to have a logo that is truly unique and appeals to the people looking for businesses just like yours. Think along the lines of Apple and Nike. Both have incredibly simple logos, but they are exceptionally effective. All their clients, and even those who aren’t, instantly recognize who a product has come from. This is also true for the service industry. So you want to make sure that you get your logo perfect, because it will be used across all your branding to help your business stand out as the professionals.

Business Branding 

There is a lot more that goes into branding other than just the logo. It is also in your color scheme, fonts, and images. We are here to help you work out if you want your image to be fun and playful, classic and stylish, kind and simple, or corporate and serious. From there, we can work to get the colors, fonts, and images that reflect the brand of your business and use them consistently. Consistency in your banding goes a long way, so getting it right from the start will help your clients to feel more confident in your business.

Website Design

The first impression many people will have of your business is your landing page. This is where your branding comes into play. We want your potential clients to feel immediately confident in your business through the branding and the design of your website. A poorly designed website can lead you to lose clients before you even gain them, so it’s always the best decision to trust this element of your business to a professional who knows what they are doing. This includes clearly showcasing your services, as well as having a functional design so people can easily navigate to the information they are looking for.

Website Development

This is where the design of your website turns into a reality. Where the tech people start the coding to get your website just right. We will make sure that people can click on certain areas of the screen, and the right thing will happen. Underdog Leads always makes sure that our client’s websites are optimized for high conversion of clients and that the search engines can discover their pages. Our tech team works closely with web designers to ensure that it all comes together seamlessly.

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