Social Media Management

Facebook & Instagram Package

*with a 3 month agreement
$ 800 Monthly
  • Profile optimization
  • Hashtag research
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Scheduled Posts for you
  • Monthly zoom or in person meeting to strategize
  • Profile set up/update: Including Insta story highlight covers, Bio, Link in Bio, FB Cover Photo
  • Content Creation: Graphic designs for social media, Engaging captions, Video editing for reels
  • Market Research: Best time to post, trending audios/content, new ways to maximize your reach
  • 4-5 posts per week on two channels (Instagram, Facebook) 1-2 posts will be a reel each week = 4-8 reels total per month.

Social Media Management

Social media has quickly become one of the platforms that businesses need to be on if they want to get discovered. Regardless of what industry you are in, a large portion of your target audience is going to be looking at social media, so that is where you should be. Having a brand regularly pop up on your screen is a great way to remember them whenever you think about a specific industry. 

Content Creation

Having a nice image is a great place to start, but the real action is taken with the persuasive words you have appearing in your caption or on your post. Our team has been working in marketing for a while now, so we know what keywords, sentence structures and placement appeal to most people. We utilize this knowledge to get our clients the best results with their social media profiles, helping them to build a strong audience of followers who are interested in the products and services they are offering. So if you want to get more recognition for your business, get in contact with us.

Target Audience

If you don’t have any social media platforms yet, you will first need to understand your target audience, and which platforms they are using. You can have three different social media platforms that you’re posting to, but if that’s not where your target audience is looking, its a waste of your resources. We can help you understand your target audience, where they are, what visual aesthetics appeal to them, and the kind of content that motivates them to take action. Our team at Underdog Leads is here to help you navigate the ever-changing world of social media and help you get your business great exposure.

Post Creation

If you’re on social media, you obviously have to be posting. And not just any old posts you put up hoping to attract some clients. It has to be well thought out, visually appealing and engaging. You want people to engage with your posts, whether it be through likes, shares or clicking through to your website. And you’re not going to get that with boring posts. But luckily, we have a team of designers ready to use your branding to create consistent content that your target audience wants to be seeing in their social feeds.

Hashtag Research

Now a good looking post and engaging content are brilliant, but you need to get new people to discover them. The great thing about social media is that people can follow hashtags that they are interested in. We make sure that your hashtags are optimized for each of your platforms, making sure that your posts are reaching the right people on each platform. The art of this comes through research.

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