Reputation Management

The way your business communicates will play a big part in whether people believe you are the type of people they would like to work with or not. You need to be kind and diplomatic in your communications, and outsourcing is a great way to make sure that your emotions are not clouding the way you are communicating. Communications can also take up a lot of your time, and we know as a business owner, your time is exceptionally valuable. You need to be focusing on the business and sales, not wasting time on communications and reputation management. And that is where we are here to help with these services.

Social Profiles

Setting up your reputation management starts with your social profiles. This means the way you set up and present your business on all online platforms such as Google business profiles and Linked In and other social media platforms. If we are working with you on your business branding, we will know your business’s exact tone and vision and be able to clearly and concisely communicate it. If your vision is something that appeals to a potential client, you are one step closer to gaining a loyal customer.

Media Statements

If you are looking to make big marketing statements and get involved in community events, you need to make sure that you strategically present your business to gain you more clients. Media statements, even if they are based around a negative event, can always be an opportunity for you to strengthen your reputation and gain more clients for your business if it is done in the right way. We have been dealing with the media for a number of our clients, and we know what works and doesn’t work. So we can help take the stress out of it for you by handling situations with strategy rather than emotion.

Google Reviews

There is a huge percentage of people who will look for reviews on a company’s service or product before they make a purchase. And having positive reviews is great, but so are a few negative ones. This allows your business the opportunity to publicly showcase how you deal with things that run a little short of perfect. Your business will come across as more credible if there is at least one negative review that your business has handled well. We are here to ensure that all existing client complaints are handled well to keep them as a client. And of course, attract more clients as they know they will be well treated if they are unhappy with what they receive.

Social Media Communication

There are a lot of people on social media, and it is a big way for businesses to communicate these days. But in addition to making posts, you also need to have someone available to answer queries and to manage complaints. This will lead to a higher conversion of clients and the appreciation that real people are running your business and are here to help.

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