Google Ads Management

It’s time to go from Google Ads confusion to crushing your competition and building your client base.

How Google Ads can help your business

Google is the search engine giant, so that is where you want to make sure your business name is appearing. But to have your business name is not enough. You have a few short sentences where your business can make an impact and make sure that people looking for the services you offer are more attracted to your ads. There are also things like budget and targeting that will make a big impact on the success of your ad, and making sure you have the perfect landing page will make all the difference in conversion rates. So make sure your website is perfectly optimized to give your potential clients all they need in an instant.

Google Ads Process

Month 1

–¬† Initial consult regarding business and strategy

– Google Ads set-up

-Keyword research specific to your industry for search campaigns

-Creation of campaigns

-Creation of engaging ads

Month 2 and ongoing

-Ongoing monitoring and optimization 

-Monthly campaign reporting

-Monthly strategy and check in

Note: Initial month is an investment for set up costs. Ad spend is exculded and customized to your business needs. 

Who is monthly Google Ads managment for?

Our Google Ads managment package is perfect for small to medium business owners with an established and growing business. who are ready to invest in a dedicated Google Ads Manager to create and implement strategy. while continually monitoring and optimizing the campaigns to ensure ads are running effectively. 

Ready to get started?

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