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If you want to gain more clients, you need to advertise. The great thing though, is that online advertising is far cheaper than other alternatives. You can reach people immediately who are already looking for the exact services you offer. But there are a lot of other people doing this as well, which is why your ads need to stand out against the competition. If you don’t understand marketing and what appeals to clients, you’ll probably waste a decent amount of money before you get it right. But we are here to make sure you get it right from the start and maximize your investment in digital marketing.

Google Ads

Google is the search engine giant, so that is where you want to make sure your business name is appearing. But to have your business name is not enough. You have a few short sentences where your business can make an impact and make sure that people looking for the services you offer are more attracted to your ads. There are also things like budget and targeting that will make a big impact on the success of your ad, and making sure you have the perfect landing page will make all the difference in conversion rates. So make sure your website is perfectly optimized to give your potential clients all they need in an instant.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great opportunity to showcase your services and get more exposure to your business branding. If done right, your ad will get people through to your website, or even just to have your name embedded in their minds as professionals in the industry. There are also great options for retargeting on Facebook, allowing your ads to be shown to people who have already visited your website or viewed your ads. The more touchpoints you have with each person, the higher your chances are of converting them into a client.

Instagram Ads

Whenever you are working with social media advertising, it is important to remember that different target audiences use different social platforms. So your target audience for Instagram will be different from those on Facebook, so your marketing strategy needs to reflect that. Our team at Underdog Leads are here to take the guesswork out of it for you and help you reach your target audience immediately. Well thought out ads and placement will make a big difference in the success of your Instagram campaign.

Content Writing

When it comes to advertising on digital platforms, you generally only have a few short keywords to capture your audience. They need to be engaging and motivate your target audiences to take action immediately. And there is certainly an art to making that happen across different industries and different platforms. But when you’re working with our team, you can have the confidence that all the research has been done and your clients will be engaging with your ads. We are the experts in advertising, helping our clients to reach their business goals.


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