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7 Steps to Optimize Your Web Design for Better Engagement

A website owner should aim at getting a website where the users receive and share information. Every user prefers such a website. A business owner with a good web design is guaranteed increased sales. Web design refers to how a website looks and the experience of using it. Are you a business owner seeking for a more effective web design? Follow these steps and your website will greatly improve.


Key Elements to Consider in Designing Websites

  1. Your users or your target audience: If you desire a successful website, you should keep your users in mind. A good web design aims to please your user by providing an extraordinary user experience. Creating a user-friendly website design ensures easy navigation for your customers. This will ensure that you have a higher ranking in search engines.

  2. A good website builder or a good web designer: A website builder is a platform that one uses to create a website. There are many types of web builders which include:

  • Drag and drop website builders.
  • Content management website builders
  • Smart website builders
  • Mobile website builders

To ensure the success of your website, you must select the best website builder that suits your needs. When using website builders, you are limited to working within the parameters of the set template, while web designers can create a website for you from square one. A web designer provides graphic designs to a web developer, who creates the website.


Steps to Optimize Your Web Design

The best way to maximize your web design is to improve usability by making it simple and accessible. It increases engagement.


1. Optimize Web Speed

Users and site visitors need to be engaged especially if you want them to take an interest in your services and products.

Slow websites take a longer time to load increasing the number of user exits. Many web users expect web pages to load in just a few seconds. Increased user loading time leads to a poor user experience. To improve your web page speed, you can:

  • Avoid using unnecessary codes.
  • Make the most use of images.
  • Set up a web hosting plan.


2. Adapt the User Experience Design Process and User interface design elements

Improving the user experience and user interface will lead to more satisfied customers. The reason for this is that it improves accessibility and usability.  UX design and UI design should align with your goals to ensure that your website functions. 

The elements incorporated by UX designers include:

  • CTA buttons that function perfectly.
  • CTA on mobiles.
  • Improving the graphic elements by image overlaying creates a visual appeal and interest to the users.
  • Creating a visual hierarchy of text styles and fonts, using straightforward menus.


3. Enhancing On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Having on-page SEO can help your search engine rank because it gives visitors a place to ask questions. To improve SEO, one can upload more updated content to the website. The content should align with the topic. Uploading more content results in the users being informed and interested.

Users should not be overwhelmed by content that is easy to read, short, and easy to understand.

Two, make the most use of keywords in headings and alternative text. Using keywords with the appropriate length shows Google users that your content is worth looking at, which increases the search ranking. The meta description and title tags should include these keywords.

4. Design a Mobile Version of the Website

Website development can be done on phones using a different coding language, and mobile phones are widely used gadgets. Functional elements such as navigation should be implemented on your mobile website. A good web designer can create clear navigation through different websites.

Web design elements like a one-column layout make it easy to navigate through the website on a phone. You should select a style that can better adapt your layout to any screen size. Two types of styles can change a web design from a desktop version to a mobile version: adaptive design and responsive design.

 A responsive design is preferred, as it adjusts the web content and browser width to the screen size. You should be able to easily tap call-to-action buttons and links.


5. Use a Clear Call to Action

A call-to-action influences the user to take an action. They should be straight to the point to avoid any confusion. In addition to being clear, they should entice customers to make a decision. A good call to action should help with easier navigation to the user’s expected location. If one desires to use call-to-action buttons, one should think of the color scheme of the website since this strengthens your branding.

The colors used should be chosen with a plan.


6. Make Your Contact Information Easy to Find

Customers should be able to contact you. This may come in handy when publicizing your business. Making your contact information available and easily accessible may result in many leads. Having your contact information available will make it easy for your customers and visitors to ask questions.

This promotes customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to loyalty.


7. Test and Run Your Website Several Times

Ensuring the functionality of your website is paramount. Through performing tests and runs, you can know which custom designs and elements work and which do not. This will ensure your website is unique. Tools like Hotjar and Smartlook can be used to figure out how well your website is doing. Hotjar offers a completely free trial where it lets you ask visitors about their experience through surveys and user feedback. It can be used on websites but not on mobile apps.

On the other hand, Smartlook can be used on both websites and mobile apps to calculate conversion rates and the user’s journey.


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